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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A call for extras has been made in Wellington

The wheels of casting Mortal Engines are slowly beginning to turn. It's no secret in the city of Wellington that casting has begun for Mortal Engines and there's been many a lass auditioning for the parts of young Hester Shaw.

Now though, a public call has been made for extras to take part in the movie. A listing on New Zealand's popular trading site Trade Me made the call this month.

The call asked for applicants to be 17 years or older, able to work with just 12 hours notice and be willing to accept the grand fee of $200.00 per day (excluding over time)

Filming is happening at Wingnuts' Miramar Studios in Wellington which suggests that a lot of the movie is being filmed on sound stages and green screen. We're sure however that the landscape of New Zealand which has featured in many Peter Jackson films will be used, especially for the middle scenes of Mortal Engines.

Of interest is the user who listed the add on the Trade Me site went by the name 'sqeakywheels' which is a cute reference to the book and movie.

The call is now closed so all those of you wanting to move to NZ to be in the movie have missed out...!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cameo roles in Mortal Engines

Who played cameo roles in Mortal Engines?

It seems most popular movies have cameo roles these days. From Rogue One to Lord of Rings everyone likes to get in on the action.

Mortal Engines is no different!

Mortal Engines producer Peter Jackson tends to place himself somewhere in every movie he directs but Christian Rivers is directing this gig so we guess that Rivers will continue the tradition started by Alfred Hitchcock and place himself in the movie.

We reckon, Jackson won't be able to miss out on the fun and he will have a cameo role as well!

Peter's children also turned up in the odd LOTR film so maybe they'll have a gig too.