Sunday, June 11, 2017

Who is running

As far as I can tell, this wee site,, is proudly the only website out there in the big land of the internet that's focused on the forth coming Peter Jackson produced Mortal Engines movie.

We are not party to the movie in any capacity but we did attended every street parade in Wellington for the premiere of each LOTR movie so we're good there...

There's certainly no formal or official online presence other than author Philip Reeve's personal site and some guff to sell his wonderful books.


If you do a 'Who Is' look up on you'll see the URL Registrant Contact Information is that of Universal City Studios.

Who are they you might ask?

They are normally referred to as Universal Pictures and they are one of the production companies associated with the movie!

So, we imagine that soon enough, the official movie site will be rolled out across The Hunting Plain with this URL.

Before the trailer? We have no idea when that's happening

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