Sarah Munn, Stunt Performer on Mortal Engines

Saturday, July 15, 2017
Sarah Louise Munn Stunt Performer from Mortal Engines

Here's what Sarah Munn recently had to say of her time on the Mortal Engines set as a stunt performer!

"3 years ago I decided to take the plunge into the film universe after obtaining my honours degree in International Relations and PolSci, and although challenging and the nature of the business comes with it's ups and downs, it has been a passion-filled and intoxicating time and I've just wrapped on Mortal Engines as a stunt performer achieving one of my goals while working with the most amazing crews and people (mostly from New Zealand+other places).

The next is to double a lead actress on a project and to do some more action acting and get some producing in. Carpe Diem!🌅 #nzfilm #kiwisinla #film #mortalengines #newzealand. @bardot dress❤"

Sarah also plays a Slave.

Sarah has studied at  Wellington's Toi Whakaari Drama School - the same acting school Mortal Engines  main actors such as Joel Tobeck, Nathaniel Lees and Frederick Hama have studied or taught.

Here's her skills on display:

Is that a cute LOTR clip on that scarf / cover all?

Here's some underwater modelling work Anna posted to her Instagram:

Sarah Munn underwater bikini model

We hope that water was properly tested for bacteria!

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