Sunday, October 16, 2016

Buy the Mortal Engines box set for $5 a book!

mortal engines box set
I spied on Amazon that you can actually buy the entire Mortal Engines book series as a box set for less than $30 bucks!

It's a deal.

It's a steal.

It's the sale of the century.

It's a deal because you get the whole 7 books written by Phillip Reeve - that is to say you get the original quartet that featured Tom and Hester's adventures and also the three prequel novels that told the tale of Fever Crumb.

For like 5 bucks each!

I guessed you'd have to be a fairly confident buyer if this was a gift or a keen fan who just wants to have a nice set of the original covers to look awesome on your bookshelf?

This collector's set is paperback based but comes covered a nice box. I guess that's why we're calling it a box set eh?

Not convinced? Read our review of the first Mortal Engines novel! These books about predator cities are truly wonderful. While pitched as a young adult series, the story lends itself very well to grown ups who like a good bit of science fiction but without all the 'Arthur C Clarke' business that can put off the more casual reader.

Indeed, anyone who likes a good post apocalyptic earth story will find Mortal Engines a good read and enjoy the wholly novel concept of giant metal cities practicing the concept of Municipal Darwinism. 

If you don't want to by the box set you can of course by the books individually (and now in Spanish!) or buy them for your Kindle.

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