C'mon Peter Jackson, please release the Mortal Engines trailer online!!!!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Edit: The Mortal Engines trailer is live.

On Tuesday morning New Zealand time last week, Peter Jackson announced to the world that the first Mortal Engines trailer debut with The The Last Jedi. 

"I am pleased to announce that the teaser trailer for our movie Mortal Engines will be debuting in cinemas around the world, with Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

At face value, many keen fans, myself included, believed that this would mean that one would see the trailer when they saw The Last Jedi.

How wrong were we.

There was at least a 24 hour delay before it was shown anywhere around the world and even then it has been so random that people are still not seeing it and being quite disappointed. 

4 whole days later since the release of TLJ, people are still going in and missing out. They are sharing their disappointment on Twitter.

While Peter was technically correct with his words "will be debuting", perhaps a date would have avoided any confusion and disappointment.

And what's worse, the trailer is still not online.

If this is some kind of distribution screw up across cinema chains, I can understand that.

If this is some kind of marketing tactic (especially the lack of online release) by Universal Pictures then I simply do not understand it.

If the tactic is to disappoint people, then damn, the strategy is working just perfectly. 

Maybe I'm to close to this and/or have a lack of experience with these things though it seems to me the online release should happen at the same time as the trailer hits the theatre. 

It is the age of the internet after all. 

In this day and age no one is going to go to The Last Jedi to see the Mortal Engines trailer. This is a situation like The Phantom Menace where people did go and see Meet Joe Black just to see the trailer and it's not not like The Last Jedi needs that kind of support. 

So what gives Universal and Peter Jackson? Please release !!!!!


  1. I can understand a "theatrical exclusive" window for a trailer to make it seem more special, but what little publicity there has been for this hasn't mentioned this. I'd be impatient, but willing to wait, if I knew an onlne release date - but it seems as if the publicity for the movie needs someone who knows what they're doing. The website doesn't even have a "coming soon" page. (Though some work appears to have been done as the home page now has an "Index of/" displaying).

    In fact, PJ's announcements and a couple of bits from Philip Reeve seem to be only "official" publicity thus far. I'm hoping that they're not "doing a Serenity" with this film and hoping the fans will do their job of publicising the film for them - that didn't work out too well for Fox :o(.


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