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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tom Natsworthy quotes from Mortal Engines

Tom Natsworthy quotes from Mortal Engines

Tom Natsworthy quotes from the Mortal Engines film

Tom Natsworthy is the main character, a fifteen-year old orphan of the Mortal Engines book and film series.  He is a third class apprentice in the Guild of Historians, which frankly means he's supposed to live a boring life.

He witnesses an attempted assassination of Thaddeus Valentine by Hester Shaw which leads to his being  cast off from the city of London, where he meets forges a relationship with Hester, at which point his adventure really begins.

Writer Philip Reeve says the inspiration for Tom's name came from a map "I sort of collect interesting sounding words and save them up until I need a name for a character. ‘Natsworthy’ is a place on Dartmoor, just up the road from where I live".

In the Christian Rivers directed film, Tom Natsworthy is played by Rob Sheehand and his opposite Hester Shaw is played by Hera Hilmar.

As the books progress, Tom and Hester have a daughter named Wren.


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