The Mortal Engines novels feature a wonderful range of odd and intriguing characters, some of whom are extremely quotable!

Mortal Engines movie quotes

Tom Natsworthy

Tom's the first character we meet in the books and is expected to have the main starring role along with Hester.

Ana Fang

The spy who came in from the cold? Ana Fang has a couple of key moments in the novel and her ship the Jenny Hannover becomes a focal part of the adventure.

Magnus Crome

Every story needs a villain, the Mayor of London does a fine job as Mortal Engine's bad guy.

Thaddeus Valentine

Every villain needs a player to carry out his dastardly plan, and Valentine succeeds only too well.

Hester Shaw

Tom's love and a character integral to the plot.


The scary half Immortal Man of the Universe has it out for Hester.

Predator's Gold 

Nimrod Pennyroyal

Nimrod appears in the second novel Predator's Gold and is the source of a bit of Trouble for Tom and Hester

Some of these quotes are almost as good as Han Solo and Obi-Wan's efforts!


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