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Easter eggs, facts and trivia from the making of the Mortal Engines movie

salthook caught in mortal engines

Mortal Engines movie facts and trivia

Everyone loves nuggets of gold about how movies are made, the secrets that are well hidden until the movie is made and some good old trivia.

Here's what we've learned about the making of the first Mortal Engines feature movie, including a few well placed Easter Eggs that IMDB may have missed...
  • Mortal Engines is the first feature film directed by Christian Rivers. At one point he was going to direct the remake of The Dambusters however that project was put on the back burner.
  • The first of Philip Reeve's novels to be turned into a movie.
  • Filming took mostly place at Weta Studios in Wellington's suburb of Miramar in New Zealand. This is where Peter Jackson and Richard Taylor and co have based themselves for 20 years.
  • Peter Jackson purchased the film rights from Philip Reeve in 2001 and has quietly worked on the movie ever since.
  • This is the first film written by Peter Jackson (with his usual partners Fran Walsh and Phillipa Boyle) that he has not directed. First time helmer (and Jackson protege) Christian Rivers has the directing duties.
  • Produced by WingNut Films
  • Actress Hera Hilmar has been cast as Hester Shaw.
  • Singer Jihae is playing Anna Fang, a key figure of the Anti Traction League.
  • The trailer made its debut with The Last Jedi
  • The name of the movie comes from a line in William Shakespeare's Othello
  • Mark Hadlow has a role in the movie. His first acting connection with Peter Jackson was in the Hobbit trilogy so it's clear Hadlow is a trusted and respect actor within that circle. He plays Orme Wreyland.
  • The production received a rebate from the New Zealand government to recognise it had created a lot of employment opportunities and training for New Zealanders.
  • Hester Shaw has two eyes in the film whereas in the book she only has one due to being sliced with a sword by Valentine prior to start of the novel. 
  • Author Philip Reeve and his son were cameo extras in the film. They filmed their parts when Reeve made a secret trip to New Zealand in May 2017.
  • The song Jihae sings in the first trailer is a cover of Vera Lynn's There'll Always Be An England.
  • Noted Lord of the Rings concept designer John Howe worked on the movie. 
  • The legal entity of the production was a company called 'Squeaky Wheels'. We suspect this was the working name of the movie too. 
  • The novel originally started out as a short story called Urbivore. The concept of moving cities came directly from that.  The story was notable for having a male aviator called Fang - the name clearly carried over to the Anna Fang character. The word urbivore stuck with Reeve as he used in to describe a giant city in A Darkling Plain. 
  • The Shrike character name was inspired by Max Shreck from the Nosferatu film. When Reeve learned the film called 'Shrek' was coming out, he amended the name.
  • The opening chase of Salthook and London is closely modeled on the opening of Star Wars.

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