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Anna Fang quotes from Mortal Engines

Anna Fang quotes from Mortal Engines

The badass air ship aviator and agent of the Anti-Traction League from the Mortal Engines, Anna Fang proved to quite an awesome character.

She was crucially pivotal in helping Tom and Hester get to where they needed to be in safety on her airship, the Jenny Hanniver.

jenny hanniver airship sketch
The Jenny Hanniver
In the Mortal Engines novel, Anna Fang is an Asian aviator that Hester Shaw and Tom Natsworthy meet shortly after their 'expulsion' from the city of London.

It quickly transpires she is a pretty handy in a tight spot and effectively she saves Tom and Hester from the Shrike when they escape from Airhaven.

Anna Fang leads a successful attack on the the pirate town 'Tunbridge Wheels' and sinks it. She then picks up Tom and Hester again and even though they now have learned that she is an Anti-Tractionist, they are still friends with her.

During an attack on the air fleet at the end of the novel she is killed by dastardly Thaddeus Valentine when he stabs her through the neck.

Anna Fang's Mortal Engine movie quotes

In Predator's Gold, it was revealed her body had been taken by the splinter group of the Anti-Traction League known as the Green Storm. Scientists were able to give her body a form of sentience, in the same manner as the Shrike, thus continuing the legacy of Ana Fang.

If just for one more show...

Anna Fang is played in the movie by South Korean singer-actress Jihae.

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