The Scar

Hester Shaw mortal engines scar discussion

Hester Shaw's scar explained in Mortal Engines

The novel Mortal Engines features Hester Shaw as having a grotesque scar which makes her look hideous. Despite that, Tom Natsworthy falls in love with her, one eye and all.

The movie adaptation does not feature an ugly Hester, rather beautiful actress Hera Hilmar with decent enough but not disfiguring scare and two eyes.

Some can accept this.

Some can't.

Either way, some scars never heal.

Here's why Philip Reeve, the author of Mortal Engines, made Hester so scarred.

This is Peter Jackson explaining why Hester only gets a slight scar.

I myself, prefer the real Hester.

Finally, here's a spoiler full explanation of the relationship Hester has with Shrike.

Fun stuff:

Hester Shaw cosplay is very popular!


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