Great Quirke, there you are! Welcome. I'm James Ryan aka Jimmy Jangles, the proprietor of this humble establishment.

Myself, being fed chocolate mouse.
No one is going to send you to The GUT around here, we just share news and views on the new Mortal Engines movie based on the book by Philip Reeve.

I certainly don't pretend to be a celebrated expert on the book series.

I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe... I do like to brew beer on occasion!

Where to start on this site?

Here's some posts that I quite like:
Banner art borrowed from the talented Ian McQue.

The Brass Tacks part

If you're looking for this site to help you promote your wares, we are open to it on a quid pro quo basis. If you have an idea, pitch us in detail, not some vague notion. We're not helping you promote your commercial venture for free!

Email: mortalenginesmovie@gmaiiiilll.com (in the usual manner).

Your attention please!

We are not connected with the Weta, Wingnut or any of the production companies associated with the movie such as Universal. 

We do not speak for them. 

Anything we learn about the movie is from what people publish online.

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