Thaddeus Valentine quotes from Mortal Engines

Thursday, October 27, 2016

valentine from mortal engines

Thaddeus Valentine quotes from the Mortal Engines film

Thaddeus Valentine is a much-vaunted historian in the Traction City of London and an important character in the first book, Mortal Engines, of the Mortal Engines Quartet. In the movie, he is played by veteran Australian actor Hugo Weaving.

Weaving, of course, has a great working relationship with Peter Jackson having played the Lord of Rivendell Elrond in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit productions.

Thanks to Weaving's fine portrayal of as Katherine Valentine's father, the character is quite quotable.

Valentine's quotes from the Mortal Engines movie

  • "Hester Shaw, she won't stop until I'm dead" - Valentine "Unless you kill her first - Dr Twix
  • "A man who controls this, controls the world" Valentine
  • "The world is changing"
  • "Nothing can stand in the face of this"
  • "WE are London!"
  • "What happens when you find Hester Shaw? Shrike replies "I will kill her"
  • "In the great game of survival, this is check mate!"
  • "They're playing with fire!"
Design concept of Valentine killing Anna Fang by Peter Yea. He's awesome.

valentine kills anna fang


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