Sunday, May 14, 2017

Peter Yea's concept art of 'The Great Hunting Ground'

mortal engines huntung grounds design peter yea

Artist Peter Yea has drawn some fantastic Mortal Engines imagery.

He describes is endeavors simply as "Piece of work in comic book style depicting scene from Mortal Engines (2001) by Phillip Reeve. Work completed for Final Year Project at Teesside University."

Yea has put in some great effort.

Here's his initial (hand drawn?) sketch of The Hunting Grounds - where readers of Mortal Engines will know, the Traction Cities like London roam, looking for prey.

sketch mortal engines peter yea

And that was then given the digital conversion treatment:

Peter is clearly a bit of a Mortal Engines fan as he has done a fair bit of work.

Here's his version of the moment Shrike and Tom Natsworthy mortally faced off:

tom attacks shrike peter yea

And here's an awesome version of the Medusa Weapon being fired. You can almost imagine Yea's drawings being turned into a cartoon series!

medusa weapon being fired mortal engines

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