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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

hera hilmar mortal engines quotes

Hester Shaw's quotes from the Mortal Engines movie

Hester Shaw is a key protagonist in the Mortal Engines series of novels as directed by Christian Rivers and produced by Peter Jackson.

Forging an unlikely friendship with young Tom Natsworthy, she faces her own mortal danger as her past literally comes back to haunt her. The mother of young daughter Wren, Hester is a fairly tragic character.

  • I was eight years old when my mother died. She loved to travel the world digging up the past
  • He used to visit all the time and then one day everything changed. She found something, something he wanted. He would have killed me if I hadn't escaped.
  • Shut up and run!
  • It's London
  • This is for my mother  (Hester stabs Valentine)
  • Ask him why he murdered my mother!
Young Hester

Older Hester is played by actress Hera Hilmar


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