Shrike quotes from Mortal Engines

Sunday, July 1, 2018
shrike monster from mortal engines

Quotes by Shrike from Mortal Engines film

Shrike is the man turned into a machine, a killer for hire with more attitude than the Terminator.

The last of the Lazarus Brigade.

With a tragic backstory, Shrike is the ultimate bad guy you can have a wee bit of sympathy for.

Until he impales you with his scissor-like hands of course... but beware, this is no Edward Scissor hands!


Valentine says to an imprisoned Shrike: What happens when you find Hester Shaw? Shrike gravely replies "I will kill her!"

"I release you from your promise"

"You are crying"

"You love him?"

"Hester Shaw! Hester Shaw! Hester Shaw!"

"Shrike: I can remake you, just as I was remade.
Hester Shaw: You're going to kill me?
Shrike: For a little while."


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