Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Steven Lang confirmed as playing 'Shrike' for Mortal Engines

Stephen Lang Mortal Engines

It's been pretty much an open secret around town in Wellington but Steven Lang has been publicly confirmed as playing Shrike.

Lang is arguably most well known for playing Colonel Miles Quaritch in Avatar but his recent turn as Waldo in The Bad Lands has been pretty well received.

Here's Lang's announcement of his role via Twitter:

Given that Avatar was filmed in NZ in under Jim Cameron's eye in Peter Jackson's playground of Miramar, Lang would have been well acquainted with Jackson and company so when looking for someone who could convincingly play the 'bad guy' role of Shrike, they would have known Lang to be a good fit.

We were quite pleased when earlier this month Mortal Engines author Philip Reeve confirmed that the character was called Shrike and not Grike as is used in the American publications of the Predator Cities Quartet.

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