List of books written by Mortal Engine's author Philip Reeve

Friday, October 28, 2016

photo of philip reeve author of mortal engines
Philip Reeve, awesome author.

List of books written by Phillip Reeve

Here's a list of Philip Reeve's novels. A popular child's author, he is most noted for his Mortal Engines set of books which are being filmed by the Hobbit himself, Peter Jackson.

Reeve's originally began his career as an illustrator but obviously transitioned to story telling very well!

His stories usually focus on dystopian futures or post apocalyptic Earth scenarios. He also does alternative spins on well known tales such as those of King Arthur.

He has developed quite the extensive bibliography:

Mortal Engines Universe


Mortal Engines Quartet

  •     Mortal Engines (2001)
  •     Predator's Gold (2003)
  •     Infernal Devices (2005)
  •     A Darkling Plain (2006)
  •     Traction City (World Book Day, 2011), a novella

The Mortal Engines series is referred to the "Hungry City Chronicles" in the United States of America. It is also goes by the name, 'Predator Cities'.

Fever Crumb (prequel series)

    Fever Crumb (2009)
    A Web of Air (2010)
    Scrivener's Moon (2011)

Buster Bayliss series

    Night of the Living Veg (2002)
    The Big Freeze (2002)
    Day of the Hamster (2002)
    Custardfinger! (2003)

Larklight trilogy

    Larklight (2006)
    Starcross (2007)
    Mothstorm (2008)

Goblins series

    Goblins (2012)
    Goblins vs Dwarves (2013)
    Goblin Quest (2014)

The Railhead Series

    Railhead (2015)
    Black Light Express (2016)

Other novels

    Isaac Newton and His Apple (1999)
    Horatio Nelson and His Victory (2003)
    Here Lies Arthur (2007)
    No Such Thing As Dragons (2009)
    Doctor Who: The Roots of Evil (2013)


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