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Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Cover to Mortal Engines novel

So you want to download the audiobook of Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines?

That's a fine reading choice that you can buy as an online 'ebook' or 'epub' from Amazon for your Kindle.

Maybe you just want to read it as a PDF?

Mortal Engines is a great young adult novel that is actually part of a quartet of books that feature the adventures of Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw.

Often referred to as the Predator Cities Quartet, all the books (and the prequel series Fever Crumb)  feature a bit of steampunk and a bit of Mad Max as they are set on an Earth that has suffered great destruction.

Precipitated by the 60 Minute War, the themes are the break down of society's traditional norms and the key concept that every city lives and dies by the notion of Municipal Darwinism.

Philip Reeve has announced to the world that actor Barnaby Edwards has redone the audio for Mortal Engines and that it's now available for download at Audible, Amazon's narrated book service!

You might know Barnday as a Dalek from Doctor Who?

The best news is that if you are a first time user of Audible you can download the novel for free!
Philip Reeve has created a wonderful universe for the reader or listener to explore and he should be rewarded for those efforts, but if you need to try before you buy, you can listen for free online to the first chapter of the book, called The Hunting Ground on Youtube.

At 388 pages, Mortal Engines should be no challenge for a confident young adult reader. But it's not just a 'kids' book'. It has same appeal for adults as they do for the Harry Potter series and so should not be lightly dismissed. We loved it and of course Peter Jackson is making a film of the book after all!

The listening length time time of Mortal Engines is about 8 and a half hours, you can of course read it as quickly or slow as you like.

Download the ebook of Mortal Engines for any device from Amazon today.

If you want to cheat Mr Reeves out of his fair royalties, you could search for it as a free PDF version. That's what Professor Pennyroyal would do...

Barnaby has also recorded the other three sequels and they will be released over time.



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