A list of the plot Holes in Mortal Engines

Sunday, January 1, 2017

mortal engines plot holes

What are the plot holes and curious plot choices in the Mortal Engines movie?

It's hard with most big Hollywood productions to avoid plot holes or characters made. When you are dealing with fanciful or broadly brushed tales they are bound to pop up.

It's even worse when characters are made to make judgments and decisions which are totally out of character just to serve the plot.

The Mortal Engines book itself was pretty tight plot wise,  but it should really be taken as a given that the Mortal Engines film should have a couple of plot points that don't reconcile too well.

Some changes and plot points are of course necessary when adapting a book for film so let's not take this too seriously, it's just a movie after all!

Plot holes in the Mortal Engines film

This is a place holder post until the movie is released. 


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