List of people from Lord of the Rings who have acting roles in Mortal Engines

Sunday, April 23, 2017
List of lord of the rings connections to mortal engines

It figures that given Christian Rivers is directing the Peter Jackson produced Mortal Engines, there will be plenty of Kiwi and other actors and actresses who will be given a chance to get in front of the camera.

Here's a list of names we know so far that have a role of any size in Mortal Engines - the criteria being they had on screen time in Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit trilogy.
  • Hugo Weaving plays Thaddeus Valentine. He played Elrond in all three LOTR and turned up in the Hobbit as well.
  • Megan Edwards was Mrs Proudfoot in The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Mark Hadlow played Dori in the Hobbit trilogy and now plays Orme Wreyland.
  • Nathaniel Lees played Ugluk in The Two Towers.
  • Stephen Ure who played a few characters including Gorbag is playing Pewsey, a pilot of the 13th Floor Airship. 
  • Liz Merton who was an extra in LOTR and King Kong has a part apparently named 
  • Sarah Peirse had two roles in the Hobbit films. She is playing Doctor Twix.

We are also picking that Christian Rivers will be on list if he cameos as he had a small part in The Two Towers

hugo weaving


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