London Traction City Concept art from the Mortal Engines Movie

Friday, May 26, 2017
Peter Jackson released concept art for Mortal Engines and we have to say we're pretty impressed. It's a picture of the protagonist (or is that antagonist) Hester Shaw in wearing her famed red scarf starring at the giant traction city of London in the distance. Except it's not that distant as the city is ginormous!

Hester shaw concept art Mortal Engines

While Hester is cool and all, it's the city that we think is the most intriguing. We're not sure every part of what is seen in the design is the whole of London or it's parked up next to a mining town that it's about to eat. Possibly not though as it has some air ships about to land on it.

Here's a close up of the city taken from the above image.

london traction city mortal engines concept art

You can see some pretty awesome detail in there. I kind of liken it to the tower of Minas Tirith from the Two Towers which Peter Jackson's production team made with such attention to detail. The same can be said of the detail that's gone into this design.

One can only wait and see what the actual design of London and the other traction cities will be like.

Note that you can actually see one of the Lions if you look carefully enough!

And we wonder just where Tom's museum is on that thing....


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