What are the translation names of the Mortal Engines books?

Sunday, February 25, 2018
The name Mortal Engines is such a great name that Phillip Reeve chose for his first novel.

It has a double meaning in that it references big giant mechanized cities that run around eating each other under the concept of Municipal Darwinism' and also it references that humans are mortal, fragile and they can be broken both physically and mental.

Such are the novel's themes!

If you've ever read Othello, you might have spied that Reeve borrowed the words for the title!*

But does this work when the title is translated into languages other than English? You decide.

Book One: Mortal Engines

Argentina Máquinas mortales
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) Смъртоносни машини
Brazil Máquinas Mortais
Czech Republic Smrtelné stroje
Germany Mortal Engines
Germany (long title) Mortal Engines: Krieg der Städte
Spain Mortal Engines
France Mortal Engines
Greece Φονικές μηχανές
Hungary Ragadozó városok
Italy Macchine Mortali
Italy Macchine mortali
Lithuania Mirtingos masinos
Mexico Máquinas mortales
Poland Zabójcze maszyny
Portugal Engenhos Mortíferos
Romania Masinarii infernale
Russia Хроники хищных городов
Slovakia Smrteľné stroje
Turkey (Turkish title) Ölümcül Makineler
USA Mortal Engines

Book Two: Predators Gold

  • French: L'Or du prédateur
  • Spanish: El oro del depredador
  • Turkish: İhanet Altını

Book Three: Infernal Devices

  • French Translation: Machinations infernales
  • Spanish Translation: Inventos Infernales
  • Turkish: Cehennem Makineleri

* A Darking Plain's title is also quite interesting as it is borrowed from Matthew Arnold's famous poem Dover Beach and it's use in the novel refers to the chaotic battles of the book.

 book cover - marquina mortais


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