Mortal Engines trailer revealed

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
mortal engines trailer released

The second Mortal Engines trailer has been released:

If you thought the first trailer was bonkers enough, director Christian Rivers has open up the gears with this effort.

A slew of characters and scenes are introduced.

We finally get to see what Hester Shaw (scarred but not hideous) and Tom Natsworthy (dreamboat) look like.

Anna Fang takes a turn in her red coat and we get an inkling of an idea just how evil Valentine may turn out be.

The real star of the piece is the hulking beast of London City. There has truly never been anything like it on screen before and now I hope those lame references to Howl's Moving Castle and Mad Max can finally be rested.

If you weren't in the know, Mortal Engines is the first novel in a series of stories about these giant mechanized cities. Check it out on Book Depository, or Amazon.


  1. Did you know this was coming today? It was a complete - and very welcome - surprise to me!

    It just popped up in my inbox and I let out an audible squeak of delight as I pressed play.

    And I wasn't disappointed.

    Have now watched the trailer many, many times ;-)


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