Cameo roles in Mortal Engines

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Who played cameo roles in Mortal Engines?

It seems most popular movies have cameo roles these days. From Rogue One to Lord of Rings everyone likes to get in on the action.

Mortal Engines is no different!

Mortal Engines producer Peter Jackson tends to place himself somewhere in every movie he directs but Christian Rivers is directing this gig so we guess that Rivers will continue the tradition started by Alfred Hitchcock and place himself in the movie.

We reckon, Jackson won't be able to miss out on the fun and he will have a cameo role as well!

Peter's children also turned up in the odd LOTR film so maybe they'll have a gig too.

Author Philip Reeve and his son visited NZ and got to make cameo appearances as extras.


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