Facts about Philip Reeve, author of Railhead and Mortal Engines

Friday, April 7, 2017
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With the forth coming Mortal Engines movie, we can expect that there will be a fair bit of increased interest in the Predator Cities Quartet and it's author Philip Reeve. So we thought it might be fun to put together a small biography and set of trivia about Mr Reeve.

From reading interviews with him, his blog and other media such as Twitter, he actually seems like a genuinely awesome dude. One that really tries to connect with his fans, which is just fabulous.

Here's some things we've learned.
    Philip Reeve author of Predator's Gold.
  • The original drafts of his novel were intended to be an adult novel, but after several rejections book publisher Scholastic said they might be interested in Mortal Engines if it was developed as children's story. This mean the plot was heavily revised and elements such as 'city politics' were excised as well as other characters. 
  • The Mortal Engines 'world' was also originally written as an alternate universe set in the early 1900s, but Reeve says this idea would have required just too much explaining as how and where that history could have diverged from our reality.
  • Reeves was born on 28 February 1966.
  • Prior to achieving success as an author, Reeves worked in a bookshop before he became a professional illustrator. He fit writing Mortal Engines around this work.
  • Reeve has claimed not to be a methodical writer. He does not plan out his stories but usually starts with an opening image or idea, an inkling of where it might close and simply commits to writing the journey in between.
  • He has co-written a musical, The Ministry of Biscuits, with writer and composer Brian Mitchel. Its set for a revival this year in 2017.
  • Plays a cameo part in the Mortal Engines movie as an extra
  • The original idea for giant movies came from a story Reeve wrote called Urbivore. Eventually the concepts were turned into Mortal Engines. 


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