Mortal Engines concept art of Hester Shaw looking towards London

Friday, May 26, 2017
mortal engines concept art of hester shaw and london

Peter Jackson has released the first official piece of Mortal Engines movie concept art!

It features our gal Hester Shaw observing the traction city of London from a distance.

The image does a great job of trying to convey the scope and size of London. Hester is standing far away, yet the mechanical beasts still seems huge.

At the top of London stands Saint Paul's Cathedral and under it, Medusa!

Sharpely honed observers will note the flying devices around London's clouds. One looks to be an air-balloon based vehicle, the other triangular one look more like a bird or kite.

We wonder if this picture depicts Hester as she's about to make her way onto London to carry out her assassination plan. We love that scarf and jacket combo Hester is working, it really complements her red hair!

The designer for this work was by Nick Keller who did a lot of the design for the film.


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