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Monday, July 17, 2017

Reports are in that the Mortal Engines filming has wrapped up.

Robert Sheehan and Hera Hilmar have filmed their parts and the rest is up to Christian Rivers and Peter Jackson's production skills to make this movie as good as possible.

Here's a sweet pix which some cheeky party crashers managed to get with The Sheeb (as the internet calls him) at the wrap party.

Only some 500 odd days until the release of the movie in two Decembers. Which means plenty of time to get all that CGI locked in. I just can't wait to see what those giant cities and Hester looks like!

No word yet on whether re-shoots will be required, we imagine so!

Actor Richard Mills said on his Facebook page:

"That's a wrap. Principal photography on the film I've been lucky enough to be working on has wrapped, so unless I'm needed for pick-up scenes, that's my journey completed with Mortal Engines.

I've been so lucky to enjoy 29 full days on set (plus wardrobe fitting days), meet some great new friends, learn so much about the process of making a big budget feature film, meet some of the world's top actors and be part of a Sir Peter Jackson movie project. AWESOME!"

Some of the crew's swag is pretty cool - note the Mortal Engines symbols:

Here's some more pix we found of crew celebrating the end of the filming:

Nice to see New Zealand beers Moa and Tuatara  beer representing! Good hoppy beers. Did you know check ph Level with a ph meter is really important for a good tasting beer? Also, a good brewing yeast is a must! Heck, a pH test for Kombucha is important too!

And finally this snap from Katie Jackon (Peter's daughter) with Ronan Rafferty.

Rona Rafferty Katie Jackson Mortal Engines

Here's stunt performer Sarah Munn with cinematographer  Simon Raby

simon raby mortal engines


  1. Hahaha Richard Mills would LOVE to be in Avatar, but would be dreaming if he thought he had any more clue about that than anyone else at this incredibly premature stage. Also one would be clutching at straws to suggest whether or not 'Salvageman 2' survived the calamity described in the book, or even whether a similar calamity actually happens in the film...


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