Joel Tobeck is playing the Bürgermeister, a mayor of a city

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tobeck is apparently playing a 'Bürgermeister'

IMDB is continuing to suggest that Kiwi actor Joel Tobeck is playing the role of a Bürgermeister in the Mortal Engines movie.

In the novel, the word Bürgermeister is not explicitly mentioned but in the German language it effectively means 'Mayor' and there's a fair few mayors in charge of traction cities in the book eh?

This makes sense as the Mortal Engines novels eventually get to the point in A Darkling Plain where we meet whole cities of Germanic ancestry who collectively formed the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft. This grouping fought the Green Storm.
Tobeck as Ord Guritz in Return of the King

This role is a chance of a life time for Tobeck as it is going to be a big movie an arguably the biggest part of his career.

A well established Kiwi actor with a fine list of TV and film credits behind him, Tobeck has worked on a Peter Jackson production before as both as a featured orc called Guritz and soldier in the Return of the King.


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