This crazy theory about Peter Jackson stealing a whale...

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Bear with me, I have a theory.

A crazy theory.

It's so crazy you should just skip this post.

The wife and I took the kids to the Te Papa Museum in Wellington and noticed that the blue whale that hangs from the ceiling was missing. I was a bit disappointed as it's really cool, even more, impressive than the colossal squid they have as an attraction.

And then I moved on.

Later as the kids were having fluffies, this concept art popped into my head:

And I was like to my wife "Peter Jackson has stolen the whale to use in Mortal Engines!" She looked at me like I was some kind of loon and handed out some crackers to the kids.

Here are the facts:

Peter Jackson and Christian Rivers made the Mortal Engines movie in Wellington.

They needed a whale skeleton for the museum scene in Mortal Engines.

The whale disappeared.

Read between the lines people!


We note Te Papa refused to comment so this just confirms the conspiracy.


  1. The way I always envisaged the whale in the museum was as the (miraculously) preserved fibreglass (at least I'm assuming it's made of fibreglass) blue whale in the Natural History Museum. I've always thought that it's inside this "body" (as opposed to skeleton) that the historians hid and managed to survive the Medusa detonation.

  2. I take it thay they found some fossils and made a replica.... ""Impressive, isn't it?" said Arkengarth, who was always ready to
    begin a lecture. "A Blue Whale. Hunted to extinction in the first half
    of the 21 st century. Or possibly the 20th: the records are unclear.
    We wouldn't even know what it looked like if Mrs Shaw hadn't
    discovered those fossilized bones..."


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