David Buisan's Mortal Engines Spanish cover version artwork - Máquinas Mortales

Saturday, October 7, 2017
Here's the incredible artwork by David Buisan that he designed for the Spanish language version of Mortal Engines:

spanish cover of mortal engines - Máquinas Mortales

Buisan's cover of Máquinas Mortales

Without the title getting in the way, one can truly appreciate that it really does convey what happens in the novel. Too often book covers have a cool picture that doesn't rally related to the words inside.

My only quibble would be I think Philip Reeve said in one of the chats he did on Discord that it was Hester's right eye that was disfigured...

Buisan has also designed the cover for Predator's Gold as El oro del depredador and Inventos Infernales, the third novel in the book series. We await the release of A Darkling Plain.

darkling plain spanish cover


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