The Matrix's Nathaniel Lees is playing Governor Pierrepoint in the Mortal Engines film

Tuesday, January 9, 2018
nathaniel lee from mortal engines
Lee as Mifune in Matrix Revolutions
The thing we love so much about Mortal Engines is that it's being made in the city where I live, Wellington NZ.

It's home of the Lord of the Rings, King Kong and a host of other heavenly creatures...

And given that it's being made by Christian Rivers and Peter Jackson, there's a fair few Kiwis in the movie - so far we've had local actors Joel Tobeck, Mark Hadlow and Frankie Adams announced and now we have Nathaniel Lees confirmed as playing the part of Governor Pierrepoint.

This is according to Karen Hay Management who represent Lees. The name of his character is in his acting bio.

This is a new character for the movie as the name Pierrepoint does not appear in the novel.

Film audiences may know Nathan from his turn as Captain Mifune in the Matrix sequels and TV shows such as Xena Warrior Princess, Hercules (both  the Young and Older).

Kiwis love him as the priest from Sione's Wedding which was a local smash hit comedy - but this author really loved early 1990's Kiwi Classic, Shark in the Park, a cop drama in which he had a turn.

Lees also had a role in Jackson's Two Towers but you wouldn't have recognized him under the make up as orc Ugluk.

We mentioned Wellington before - Lees did a fairly long stint as a teacher at the Toi Whakaari, a reknowned drama school that has produced many household names (in NZ) such as Cliff Curtis, Robyn Malcom, Kerry Fox and Tim Balme. 

Indeed Balme had a close connection with Jackson appearing in two movies he produced, Jack Brown Genius and the bloody & brilliant Brain Dead (known as Dead Alive to American audiences)!

NZ is a small place...

Karen Hay Management also manages Beatrice Brophy who is listed as playing a "Young Mother".


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