Mortal Engines book has new cover by Ian McQue

Monday, March 26, 2018
Given the Mortal Engines movie is coming to silver screens near everyone in December, it's quite natural for the book publisher Scholastic to take advantage of this window to promote Philip Reeve's book work.

So far, we've had the announcement of Night Flights and Spanish versions of the original works and now the original book itself has got the royal treatment of a new cover from Ian McQue. The as yet unseen cover of Night Flights is also by McQue.

Reeve tweeted this image of the cover:

mortal engines ian mcque

If you've seen the movie trailer, you might recognize the cover as an image from that (or the book!) where our Hawty Heroine Hester Shaw is seeing the traction city of London for the first time. That scene itself is basically the start of the first Star Wars film.

Here's Reeve posing with the poster:

reee posing with his books

We imagine Reeve's is well please with this cover as he has remarked in the past his dissatisfaction with the covers of the American releases of his books. Don't get us started on how those books renamed Shrike to Grike!


  1. The airships are leaving the town of Salthook. It is in the book that they do not want to be swallowed by London and lose all of their merchandise.

    1. A quick re-read proves you are correct! Cheers.


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