Andrew Lees hints he's playing Herbert Melliphant in ME

Friday, June 1, 2018
andrew lees mortal engines

Australian actor Andrew Lees has all but confirmed he is playing Herbert Melliphant in Mortal Engines. He said in a this interview that "It’s a fun character is like Draco Malfoy, a kind of a douche-bag to Tom" which surely must mean Melliphant.

In the book, Melliphant taunts Tom to the point where they scuffle and Tom is sent to The Gut - which sets him on his great journey.

Lees also had a little bit to say abut the production of the movie.

SR. Speaking about Mortal Engines, which is gonna be a huge blockbuster. What can you tell us about being on set with a legend like Peter Jackson?

Lees: Peter Jackson is amazing, he knows exactly what he wants in his takes, he is always in control and even created his own visual effect company…How good is that!

When he directs, is like looking at somebody playing with action figures, which are the actors. He is fantastic, and I cannot be happier to being part of his film.


Seems odd to be talking about PJ doing takes when Christian Rivers is directing the movie?


SR. What else can you tell us about the film and the visuals?
Lees: Mortal Engines is such an incredible large-scale film. It’s set in a world where cities move from one place to another, London moves with this huge tank looking wheels and engines, there other cities that have spider legs and they look so cool.

The visuals are impressive, and the work Peter Jackson and his visual effects team is mind-blowing. Also the cast is amazing, imagine being on set with Robert Sheehan, Frankie Adams, Stephen Lang and Hugo Weaving. Just a dream for every actor.

It’s funny, because Hugo (Weaving) had some other commitments, so some of my scenes with him we made them separate, and then they put them together, so I’m very looking forward to see that.

Andrew made no  comment on what is the best kind of battery powered lawn mower for the home.


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