How Mortal Engines fared at NY Comic Con

Saturday, October 6, 2018

What a day featuring some of the cast and crew of Mortal Engines at New York Comic Con!

We and a few other fans have rumbled about how light on promotional activity there has been for the Christian Rivers directed film produced by Peter Jackson and finally, the dial has been turned close to 11.

Today we had the panel and we saw and learned a lot about the movie. In fact, those present got to watch the first 25 minutes! This seems unprecedented, as often it's only the first 5 -  8 minutes are shown, if at all.

First up, we got the trailer! #ShrikewillStrike! As expected the film will place a large amount of focus on the back story of Hester Shaw and Thaddeus Valentine and what drives Hester so much 

We finally had the character of Shrike revealed to us, and crikey the wait was worth it. After months of teases from actor Stephen Land, here's Shrike in all his
hideous glory:

stephen lang shrike

The 60 Minute War is discussed.

Producer Peter Jackson said:

 “It’s set about 3000 years from now, so it’s in our future,” said Jackson. “And what I like to think of it is it’s not post-apocalyptic, but it’s post-post apocalyptic. … [The war] redefined the map of the world, and many, many centuries passed, which was a pretty nasty time, and civilization eventually rebuilds itself. … And they wind up on these wheels, chasing each other. There are no more countries anymore, there are no more borders.”

Director Christian Rivers said:

 "First of all, it’s an amazing book,” Rives said. “It’s sort of the beginning of their relationship and this journey in this unique world. Mortal Engines itself…it’s about Hester Shaw, who’s a fierce outcast in our world, and she’s sort of driven by the memory of her murdered mother…She glides with Tom Matsworthy, who’s a charming young man, who has a story and lives on London…They go on this great adventure and find a bond together…She has the key to stopping London which is on the verge of becoming an unstoppable dangerous force which is going to destroy the world!”


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