Who is in the cast of Mortal Engines film?

Friday, March 24, 2017

Who is in the cast of Mortal Engines movie?

There have been play of people cast in Mortal Engines. Some big names, some well known Kiwi and Australian players and a few budding stars to round the cast list out. 

Casting Director duties have been the responsiblity of long term Peter Jackson associates Amy Hubbard and Liz Mullane.

Here's a list of cast members with the names of their characters (as much as we know of them!)

"Fortitude” actor Robbie Sheehan and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’s” Ronan Raftery have been cast in Peter Jackson's Mortal Engines film.

Sheehan is playing Tom Natsworthy in the movie while Raferty has a smaller role, playing Bevis Pod

Hera Hilmar has nabbed the key lead role of Hester Ness.

Katherine Valentine is played by actress Leila George.

Anna Fang is played by South Korean singer-actress Jihae.

"Pops" Steven Lang is playing Shrike. You may know Lang as the bad guy from James Cameron's Avatar.

Australian actors Sophie Cox, Menik Gooneratne, Andrew Lees and Terry Norris have joined the film's cast.

Andrew Lees is having a crack at Herber Melliphant.

Kiwi actors Mark Hadlow, Nathaniel Lees, Caren Pistorius (as Hester Shaw's mother Pandora), Joel Tobeck, Stephen Ure, Maria Walker, Khan West and Megan Edwards who previously played Mrs Proudfoot in Jackson's Fellowship of the Ring.

Hugo Weaving is playing Thaddeus Valentine.
sophie cox from mortal engines
Sophie Cox has been cast in Mortal Engines

Legendary Kiwi actor Mark Hadlow played Dori in the Hobbit trilogy so has a close connection with produce Jackson. He is playing Orme Wreyland, the Mayor of Speedwell.

Nathaniel Lees is a well known actor having had notable parts in the 2 and 3 Matrix films and a role in The Two Towers.

The parts these actors are playing have not been confirmed. We keenly await news about whom is playing the Shrike.

Game of Thrones actor Patrick Malahide, Arrow actor Colin Salmon (Chudleigh Pomeroy) and Rege-Jean Page (Captain Khora)  have also been listed as having roles. Salmon is to play Chudleigh Pomeroy, the debuty Head Historian of London.

Malahide is playing Magnus Chrome.

Kiwi Liz Merton has a small part apparently named Babushka.

Leifur Sigurdarson is playing Nils Lindstrom

Jordan Rivers has a supporting role.

Kiwi actor and comedian Peter Rowley has an undisclosed role.

Doctor Twix is played by Sarah Pierse.

Menik Gooneratne is playing the character of Sathya. Sathya is a friend of Anna Fang's.


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