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Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Rob Sheehan reading Mortal Engines book

Here's Tom Natsworthy aka Rob Sheehan reading Mortal Engines. We could speculate that he's reading the novel for the first time following him getting the acting role of a life time - but then, he could just be re-reading it!

Hera Hilmar cast as Hester Shaw in Mortal Engines

Friday, February 10, 2017

Hera Hilmar actress cast in Mortal Engines film
Actress Hera Hilmar has been cast as Hester Shaw, the female lead of the Mortal Engines film.

Congratulations must go Hera for landing the biggest role of her career!

hester shaw cosplayWhile Hilmar is a relative unknown she has a strong record, appearing as a part of the supporting cast in many films, notably Anna Karenina with Keria Knightly and the Icelandic film Life in a Fishbowl.

Hera's full name is Hera Hilmarsdóttir and she can be found on Instagram.

We wonder what her character of Hester Shaw is going to look like. In Philip Reeve's novel Hester is a disfigured teenage and that play son her character's psyche.

Thaddeus Valentine stuck her with his sword and it cut through her eye and down her face leaving her blind in the eye and with a grotesque scar that went through past her mouth. It's be imagined as looking a little like this:

Will director Christian Rivers have a character like that on the silver screen? Time will tell...

Hester is a fan favourite of the book readers and we suspect will be come quite the cosplay target!

Who is playing Tom Natsworthy in Mortal Engines?

Friday, February 3, 2017
robbie sheehan cast in Mortal Engines
Robbie Sheehan

Christian Rivers has found his Tom Natsworthy

"Fortitude” actor Robbie Sheehan and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’s” Ronan Raftery have been cast in Peter Jackson's Mortal Engines film.

It is understood that Sheehan is playing Tom Natsworthy in the movie while Raferty has a smaller role, possibly Bevis but that is wholly speculation on our part.

No word on who is playing Hester Shaw or Valentine etc.

Sheehan is arguably is best known for television roles such as Nathan Young in the very popular British show Misfits and as Darren in Love/Hate, as well as the 2009 film Cherrybomb alongside Rupert Grint. He currently as a strong showing in Bad Samaritan.

His casting in Mortal Engines is one step towards being a massively popular actor, especially if Mortal Engines is a success and spawns sequels based on the four novels that feature Tom and Hester.
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