An account of an audition for Mortal Engines as an extra

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Here's an amusing look at one Wellingtonian's description of how his audition was for the Mortal Engines movie as an extra.

Sounds pretty standard!


  1. I am absolutely amazed that they a film is going to be made out of my favourite book series!!!!! I wish I could actually be in it. There might be another film as there is a quartet and prequals. Another unlucky thing is that I am too young and live in Wellington (not newzealand but Somerset the other side of the world.) I am also rubbish at drama. On the other hand I wish I could take part perhaps I could play wren natsworthy but that's not going to happen. I can not wait for when the film comes out next year. If it is as good as the books, it would be amazing. Hopefully the cast and directors do a good job of it.

    1. Phillip Reeve visited the set and reported great things, so bodes all bodes well!


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