We have a hunch Jihae is singing the Mortal Engines theme song

Thursday, June 15, 2017

We called it! Jihae sings a Vera Lynn song in the trailer!


I had an idle thought while listening to some Jihae (as you do when you know she's playing Anna Fang in Mortal Engines) that she should probably do a theme song for Mortal Engines as most Peter Jackson productions seem to tack on a song in the credits - one or two may have even won Oscars!

So I posted this thought on twitter:

Notice anything?

That's right Jihae herself liked it. Well, if she's managing the account herself she did.

Either way, is this a subtle confirmation that yes, Jihae is involved in some capacity on the soundtrack?

It really should be a no brainer - Anna Fang is going to be a HUGELY POPULAR character as along with Hester, she's a bit of a book readers fan favorite, so why not have the actress who is already an accomplished singer, belt out a tune?

And this gets us wondering - who is composing the music for the movie? An old favourite of Peter's or someone new?

So who do I collect on my bet with?


  1. You've reminded me to check out some of her music!

    I'd like to see Abney Park feature somewhere on the soundtrack and/or in a cameo in the background. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTSxJcH7h7c&index=13&list=PLGsrsLigS9AQneodL7DRKj83JpIljyni9

  2. If one googles “mortal engines composer”, atli orvarsson comes up. I’m not familiar with him, but he’s from Iceland just like Hera Hilmar.

    1. If one reads his bio, he did 'Mortal Instruments'. He's not doing the sound track for Mortal Engines.


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