What age are Tom and Hester in Mortal Engines?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
tom and hester drawing
In the original Mortal Engines book, we first meet young Tom Natsworthy when he is 15 years of age.

He was made an orphan in the events of The Big Tilt where a tier of London broke and crushed his parents. Tom could be described as a scrawny thin boy but handsome none-the-less.

Spoilers follow!

Spoilers follow!

Hester is about the same age as Tom. In the flash back parts of the novel where Thaddeus Valentine is revealed to have murdered her parents, she is seven years old.

Bevis Pod and Katherine Valentine are also teenagers but as far as we can tell, their exact ages are not mentioned in the novel.

By the time of the Predator's Gold sequel begins, Tom and Hester have aged two years.

At the beginning of Infernal Devices Tom and Hester have been married 16 years and have a daughter, Wren of about the same age. This means that Tom and Hester are about 33 years old. We don't know how soon they were married after the events of Predator's Gold but presume it was as soon as Tom was recovered enough from his gun shot wound and discovery he was about to be a dad.

By the time Tom and Hester each both die at the end of A Darkling Plain, they are close to 34, if not already that age.

How old are Hester and Tom in the Mortal Engines movie?

The characters are being played by Hera Hilmar and Rob Sheehan born who each were born in 1988 (making them each 29 ish) so the characters have been aged up for the movie.


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