10 questions about the Mortal Engines film...

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
mortal engines giant traction city

Just some random questions about what may happen in the Mortal Engines film... book spoilers involved below....
  1. Will Anna Fang have red teeth? Answer >> Nope
  2. Will 'The Turd Tanks' chapter be covered in great detail? >> Yes! sets were made and filmed on
  3. Will Katherine Valentine's wolf Dog feature? >> nope. That dog is dog gone.
  4. How toned down will the look of Hester Shaw's facial scarring be? Will she be blind in one eye? Edit - trailer suggests Hester Has Two Eyes. Resolved, see below.
  5. How bad will Valentine's beard be? >> Hugo Weaving does not sport one, but his hair looks FAB.
  6. Will there be a flash back to the 60 Minute War? (We doubt it but would love to see it!)
  7. Will there be a post credits scene? (We reckon some Shrike action would be cool). 
  8. How will it set up the sequel? Will it do so at all? We think they should skip Predator's Gold and go straight to filming Infernal Devices... follow up question - is Sophie Cox signed up for any sequels given, you know what happens in A Darkling Plain?
  9. Will Hester be as brutal and willing to kill as the book portrays?
  10. Did Peter Jackson really steal a whale?
Concept art by Jack Reeves.

hester's movie scar


  1. Why would you want to skip predator's gold?

    1. I feel the 3 and 4 books make for a better story - and I can't be sure how many movies will be made. Of course Tom would still need to be shot in the heart somehow....


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