Why is there no hype for the Mortal Engines movie?

Friday, November 3, 2017

traction city tracks

All aboard the Mortal Engines hype train?

EDIT: The Mortal Engines trailer is finally out!

You might recall the day when Peter Jackson announced to the world that his new film project was a film called Mortal Engines based on a book of the same name.

This was kind of a big deal as when Mr Jackson speaks, the world listens.

And when Jackson released some concept art of Hester Shaw staring into the distance at a giant traction city the picture when around the world so fast.

And since then, nothing from the Oscar winner.

Sure, when the film wrapped up the crew let lose with a few insights (carefully permitted by the production, we're sure).

But other than that, the only person flying the flag that has a direct connection to the film, is Philip Reeve, the author of the book and the three prequels and three sequels! To be fair, Stephan Lang has chipped in a bit!

So why has there been no real hype for the movie to date?

Well, for a start the release date is not until December 2018. That's a whole other 14 odd months away. So given that Mortal Engines is a new movie "IP" (Intellectual Property) there's not already a built in fan base waiting another sequel such as they might for a new Avengers film or say The Last Jedi. 

Sure, there's a book fan base that's staunch and true but it just doesn't have the critical mass for the movie to be in the public consciousness such as Star Wars or Star Trek does.

So what Jackson and the producers and film distributors will likely do is sit back until next year (once both  The Last Jedi and Han Solo films have been and gone this December and next year!)  and patiently wait until the timing is right to release the first trailer.

That first trailer will be CRUCIAL because ME is a new IP. Purely by virtue of being a Peter Jackson produced film, that trailer will get a MASSIVE push and Jackson's name will be used a lot.

It will be the hook on which the whole movie will then be based on leading to what will likely be a huge budget film promotion.

But to make the trailer, the special effects need to be done. Keen observers might have noted that the entire movie appears to have been filmed in the sound stages that Jackson has built up in Mirimar, Wellington. I've seen no reports of any other filming around NZ. Sure there may be some second unit filming of some mountain passages across NZ (or recycled / unused captures from Hobbit and LOTR productions?) but given the nature of the film, no trailer is going to released until there's enough CGI effects in place for the trailer to be released.

Where as film franchises led by Marvel and DC often release teaser trailers to built hype, I suspect that given the need for the hook to truly snag movie goers, that a trailer of several minutes length will be released.

I'd be surprised if we heard even a peep from Christian Rivers or Peter Jackson until then. 

We did get trailer which showed Hester Shaw with two eyes. Quelle Horreur!

Until then, go give the book a second read!

hester scar from mortal engines


  1. Fav books with lotr and war with the newts, i just picked up the first two edited in spanish by Espasa on a discount store in 2010, needed something to read when i was with medical/surgery issues, and loved the characters and the world. Once healty and full restored, i get all the books on english, even the limited signed editions of the Fever Crumb prequels, can't wait to see Municipal Darwinism on big screen.
    Cheers from Chile!

    1. nice to hear from you Keak! Did you know the books have been reissued in Spanish?

  2. Hello James! Yeah! Saw the first one with a Tom and a brunette Hester cover in some news :)

  3. I've been pondering this question of late. The latest issue of SFX magazine features films to watch out for in 2018 but doesn't mention ME, and Den of Geek's more extensive list (http://www.denofgeek.com/uk/movies/2018-movies/53716/40-essential-movies-to-see-in-2018) only has a mention (pointing out it's lack of inclusion) in the comments! Both of these sources cater for the sort of people who should be ME's core audience.

    I know it's a year away, but surely there should be more of an awareness for the film?

    Fingers crossed for the teaser to generate some interest!

    1. Everything will change when the trailer is released.


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