Empire magazine article reveals new Mortal Engines concept art of London

Wednesday, January 3, 2018
london official concept art empire magazine.

Here's a very rough screenshot of the Empire magazine article that features new and official Mortal Engines movie concept art of London. 

It's two pages scanned together.

It features a close up of the lions that could be briefly spied in the teaser trailer.

The work itself is dark and foreboding, almost suggesting a sense of evil about the place....

As far as I could tell, the words are a just puffery about the movie, there's no new intel but Jackson discussed how he became interested in books.

H/T Somethingorother in the the Mortal Engines Discord.

If only we could get some Shrike action...

This was the second work released officially, the first was by Peter Jackson. Fan's have done some sweet design work too - London is pretty popular and Airhaven looks a friendly place to visit.

Update: It appears that artist Nick Keller designed the above and a lot more of the movie's concept art.

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