Philip Reeve announces TWO new Mortal Engines novels,"Wild Fang" and "Naughty Nimrods!"

Sunday, April 1, 2018
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Mortal Engines scribe Philip Reeve has announced not one but two new Mortal Engines books, one prequel called 'Wild Fang' and A Darkling Plain sequel called 'Naughty Nimrods!'

It's incredible that Reeve has written new one novel let alone two!

Can you believe it?

The first is a prequel that features Anna Fang called "Wild Fang" which covers Fang's childhood as a slave and how she was able to build her airship The Jenny Hanniver and escape.

For clarity, this is an additional book to the recent short story collection called Night Flights which also featured Anna Fang.

Reeve said that he had gone back to some original drafts that he had discarded 15 years ago and saw a new way to cover the Fang's origin and the time just before she joined up with the Anti Traction League.

"Wild Fang, I think I love you."....

The second novel is a sequel set in time after A Darkling Plain. It's set some 85 years after that novel and focuses on the descendants of Nimrod Pennyroyal! Merciful Cleo!

This explains the title, 'Naughty Nimrods!'. Yes, that exclamation mark is part of the title!

To our mind that seems an odd choice - the children and grandchildren of Theo and Wren would seem a more natural progression but knowing Reeve's odd style, it's probably an inspired subject choice.

Maybe it's a fake out?

Reeve said that the Wild Fang novel would be published today as an e-book and Naughty Nimrods! will follow next year on 1 April 2019.


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