The eyes have it - Hester Shaw confirmed with two eyes and a scar at Cinemacon

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
hester shaw ugly face

hesters film scar

Update: Hester has been revealed - see above.

Jackson sent a bit of Mortal Engines footage to Cinemacon where it was shown to some key people, including Eric Vespe.

One can totally trust the opinions and reporting of Eric, he's been in the movie journalism business for many years.

And he has confirmed that the footage he saw showed Hester Shaw with two eyes and a scar.

Fans have been a bit nervous about this with most wanting the novel version of Hester.

In the novels, Hester is horribly disfigured due to a run in with a sword which left her blind in one eye. This was a deliberate action by Philip Reeve to turn the classic 'boy meets girl tale' on its head.

Instead, Peter Jackson and Christian Rivers went the 'Hollywood route' for the character.  Money of course talks in Hollywood. Casual views might not be sold on a grotesque Hester....

Some fans will be greatly disappointed but at least it sounds like there's a good scar for the character.

Here's Vespe's description of the scar:

Great to see @AMblaushild asking the right questions!

It does sound from other reports out the Cinemacon that Mortal Engines looks pretty amazing.

But some people were not impressed:


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