Amir Zand's 'Ark' draft compared to final of Arkangel from Predator's Gold

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
amir zand mortal engines

Artist Amir Zand has revealed to the world that he has done some work for the “The Illustrated world of Mortal Engines” which is being released next month to coincide with the Mortal Engines film release.

Zand said "A fantastic project that I’m so proud to be a part of. such an amazing universe with amazing people.

I thought to share one of my early sketches that i’ve made for one of the Mortal Engine's illustration a few months back, the reason that i share this is because that piece didnt make the cut and the final Illustration changed so much, so I’ve changed this early conception in to a futuristic theme, ships going through an Ark, so basically its not ME anymore, cant wait to show you all the pieces that I've made for this awesome project".

Zand has now released what became the final version of Arkangel, his vision of the traction city from Predator's Gold:

arkangel concept art predators gold

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