Stephen Lang's 'Shrike' revealed for #MortalEngines

Friday, October 5, 2018
Did you ever see The Phantom Menace trailer back in the day when Darth Maul fully revealed himself to Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan by presenting himself to them with his dual light saber?

It was one of the great moments of the Star Wars canon.

And it was the same kind of feeling for this author today when the Shrike was revealed in the Mortal Engines trailer.

(The) Shrike is a key player in the orignal book and is set to have a massive presence in this film as one of the antagonists.

Played by Stephen 'Pops' Lang (of Avatar, Badlands fame) this man made monster of metal looks terrifying:

If you are an American reader of the Mortal Engines series, you may possibly be confused as to why Shrike is called Shrike and not Grike? The name was changed to Grike to avoid potential confusion with the character from the Hyperion novel.

The beauty of this Shrike design is that is just feels so faithful to how the character is described in the books AND it's kind of aligned with all the drawings fans have done for years.

stephen lang avatar

Lang said of his character at New York Comic Con:

"Once upon a time he was a man named Kit. That man was killed and his body was taken and he was hollowed out so there was really only a chassis left.

It was replaced with the technology at the time. He was resurrected as a man called The stalker...He was a warrior. He was a member of the fabled Lazarus Brigade...At this point, where our story starts, he really is a solo bounty hunter. He goes around, he collects heads, and he buys dolls and he opens them up...There's no memory left. 

The inside of his brain is described as a sleet of static." Shrike has memories of a little girl and he is searching for answers. One day, he comes across Hester Shaw, and he becomes her custodian, raising her "in his own fashion, not even understanding why he's doing it."

Will Shrike be as quotable as Darth Vader? Perhaps not but we expect great things!


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