11 reasons why Mortal Engines could suck

Friday, November 23, 2018

If we're being honest with ourselves there's a few things that could go wrong with Mortal Engines. 

There's a lot of factors and variables why the movie could suck. I've put together a list of the possisble reasons why:

  • The pop corn could be quite expensive
  • Someone next to you could fart excessively and often
  • It's too loud
  • You go blind at its majesty
  • You have a heart attack
  • You get caught sneaking in MacDonalds
  • You have to take your mother in law
  • The movie projector stops working
  • It rains on the way to the theatre and you get your hair a little wet
  • The trailers go on a bit too long
  • You eat your expensive pop corn too quickly


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