Thursday, October 27, 2016

The best quotes from the Mortal Engines movie

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Quotes from Christian River's Mortal Engines movie

Mortal Engines started as a young adult novel published in the early 1990s. It gained an immediate following as it told it's tale of a post apocalyptic Earth where giant metal cities roam wastelands consuming whatever resources they can.

At its heart is a story of lost boy who found love in the strangest of places.

A love that saw him kill people wittingly and unwittingly.

A love that saw him outsmart and outwit some of the most savage people that ever captained a roving city.

A love that made a boy a man.

This is starting to sound like that guy that does the voice overs for movie trailers right?

Well enter director Christian Rivers and producer Peter Jackson because they turned this book about two star crossed lovers into an epic science fiction movie featuring grotesque undead assassins, sassy agents of the Anti Traction League, traitors and would be heroes on both sides.

Tom. Hester. Magnus. The Valentines. Shrike. Bevis. Fang. Some crazy old guy.

Mortal Engines movie quotes

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