Andy Serkis to moderate the Mortal Engines panel at Com Com

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Lucky members of the Mortal Engines panel at next week’s New York Comic Con will get to see the first 8 minutes of the film and then observe a panel hosted by Andy Serkis that features the producers, writers and director of the film. 

Serkis said:

“To be reunited with my dear friends and long standing collaborators, Peter, Fran, Philippa and Christian, to celebrate the arrival of their feverishly anticipated, behemoth piece of character driven, world building magic…is beyond thrilling.”

Peter Jackson recently spoke of the event and said:

“Andy knows me and Christian and Philippa and Fran very well. He’s not involved in the film, so the movie’s fresh for him, but he understands the process, and how we make these films. We thought his questions might be more focused on his understanding of how we do things, rather than a moderator who comes in cold and doesn’t know a thing.”

NZ’s favourite Hobbit also spoke very highly of Christian Rivers:

“Brain Dead was the first time I worked with Christian, and he’s done storyboards on virtually every movie I’ve done since.

He’s moved way beyond just being a storyboard guy. He won the Oscar for King Kong‘s Visual Effects Direction, and he directed our Splinter Unit, which was our sort of second unit when Andy wasn’t available because of his [Planet of the] Apes films. He stepped up and directed that unit and directed big scenes on The Hobbit. He pretty much directed all of the barrel chase scene on the river in the second Hobbit film, which is a pretty exciting scene.

I’ve watched him develop and seen his confidence grow.

When we came out of The Hobbit, we had the rights to the Mortal Engines books but they were going to expire quite soon. There was a time pressure. I worked with Fran and Philippa to write the script, but I just didn’t feel like directing another huge film, hard on the heels of three Hobbit films. If I didn’t want to do it, I wanted to make sure it was someone who deserved the chance to direct the film. Christian was the obvious choice.”

This is great to see as Jackson had long tried to get the Dambusters made with Christian in the director’s chair. Sounds like ME is the perfect vehicle for Christian.


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