Thursday, June 22, 2017

An account of an audition for Mortal Engines as an extra

Here's an amusing look at one Wellingtonian's description of how his audition was for the Mortal Engines movie as an extra.

Sounds pretty standard!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Does the title 'Mortal Engines' really refer to William Shakespeare?

What is the meaning of 'Mortal Engines' title?

What is the meaning of 'Mortal Engines' title and its Shakespeare reference?

The title of the book by Philip Reeve and movie produced by Peter Jackson is indeed a quotation borrowed from William Shakespeare's 'Othello'.

Yes, Philip Reeve is referencing the Great Bard himself.

The full quote from Act III, scene iii is said by Othello himself:

"And O you mortal engines whose rude throats / Th'immortal Jove's dread clamors counterfeit..."

Reeve uses this phrases a commentary on the book's concept of 'Municipal Darwinism'.

Municipal Darwinism is the technological ecosystem by which most of the world of Mortal Engines works. While Shakespeare is referring to humans as being mortal engines, Reeve's turns the two words on the head of what Shakespeare meant.

The larger predator cities consume smaller cities for their resources. Physical resources are used for fuel or re-utilised. Humans living on the captured cities can be enslaved or eaten.

It's basically a play on Charles Darwin's survival of the fittest concept from his natural selection theory.

The main theory of Municipal Darwinism is a predator and prey cycle; if the bigger town is faster than the smaller, the smaller town will be eaten.

But if the smaller town is faster than the bigger town, the bigger town risks running out of fuel and thus losing it's prey or even facing attack itself in a reversal of fortune.

While in the context of the book's universe this form of Darwinism has existed for 1000s of years since the 'Sixty Minute war', it's a zero sum game which refers to the fact that the society that engages of Municipal Darwinism is not actually a sustainable means of living.

All the cities' engines are indeed mortal as eventually there will be nothing left to consume and they will fail and die.

Readers familiar with Reeve's work will know that he's a bit of a literary magpie and nicks the odd line from a song here and there or a book or line from a classic play to liven up his books. He does it really well - so well we suspect that a lot of the younger readers he has will miss many things he does!

Extra for Experts: Reeve's played a similar naming trick with the 'A Darkling Plain' sequel. Those words are taken from a poem called Dover Beach.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

We have a hunch Jihae is singing the Mortal Engines theme song

I had an idle thought while listening to some Jihae (as you do when you know she's playing Anna Fang in Mortal Engines) that she should probably do a theme song for Mortal Engines as most Peter Jackson productions seem to tack on a song in the credits - one or two may have even won Oscars!

So I posted this thought on twitter:

Notice anything?

That's right Jihae herself liked it. Well, if she's managing the account herself she did.

Either way, is this a subtle confirmation that yes, Jihae is involved in some capacity on the soundtrack?

It really should be a no brainer - Anna Fang is going to be a HUGELY POPULAR character as along with Hester, she's a bit of a book readers fan favorite, so why not have the actress who is already an accomplished singer, belt out a tune?

And this gets us wondering - who is composing the music for the movie? An old favourite of Peter's or someone new?

So who do I collect on my bet with?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Imagine Stalker Anna Fang singing this Leonard Cohen cover!

Here's stalker Anna Fang singer Jihae offering her version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah:

Imagine Anna Fang merrily singing that as she as she flies the Jenny Hanniver!

Even though this next video is an add for some beauty product, it gives you a real idea into what makes Jihae tick, and I can sure see why she was cast as the tough Anna Fang for Mortal Engines.

What was the Sixty Minute War in Mortal Engines?

sixty minute war mortal engines

What was the Sixty Minute War?

The Sixty Minute War was a global battle that took place hundreds or thousands of years before the events of the Mortal Engines Quartet and the Fever Crumb Series.

The name conveys that the war took only an hour to begin and end - this was due to the speed and efficiency of the weapons of mass destruction used.

This is because of the way nuclear war scenarios work. And also why that to date, no nuclear weapons have been used to attack another country. Say Country A decides to wipe out Country B. B can detect the launch. They have time to understand that even though their country is about to be wiped out, they can get their own bloody revenge on Country A.

So they will launch their their own missiles at Country A ensuring that it is destroyed too. This is called mutual self destruction.

While the Soviet Union played brinkmanship games with the US (think the Cuban Missile Crisis) no country has crossed the line as they know there's a large chance that they will lose everything themselves.

So in the book and movie of Mortal Engines, there was of course a 'cold war' between various nations that directly led to the war's start. The mutual self destruction concept played out and when the first strike was launched, the other nations responded in kind.

And once the arms were deployed, some from the land, some from orbiting satellites in space, the so called 'war' was over and done with in an hour.

This was the classic doom's day scenario leading to a desolate Earth where most of humanity was destroyed.

Two of the weapons were known as the MEDUSA, which features in the first novel and the second, ODIN, is first featured in the third novel of the Predator Cities Quartet, Infernal Devices.

If you think this concept from Philip Reeve's book was interesting, check out his theory of municipal darwinism.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Who is running

As far as I can tell, this wee site,, is proudly the only website out there in the big land of the internet that's focused on the forth coming Peter Jackson produced Mortal Engines movie.

We are not party to the movie in any capacity but we did attended every street parade in Wellington for the premiere of each LOTR movie so we're good there...

There's certainly no formal or official online presence other than author Philip Reeve's personal site and some guff to sell his wonderful books.


If you do a 'Who Is' look up on you'll see the URL Registrant Contact Information is that of Universal City Studios.

Who are they you might ask?

They are normally referred to as Universal Pictures and they are one of the production companies associated with the movie!

So, we imagine that soon enough, the official movie site will be rolled out across The Hunting Plain with this URL.

Before the trailer? We have no idea when that's happening

Friday, June 9, 2017

Want to earn 2 hundy a day on the set of Mortal Engines?

The hunt is still on for extras to be in Mortal Engines.

Straight from the Trade Me website, here's your chance to be famous .....





A large number of background Extras for filming June - July this year in MIRAMAR, WELLINGTON






Successful applicants may be required for anything from 1- 12 days over the next two months.
The working day is 12 hours and may include overtime.
The day rate before overtime is $200


This Extras Casting Call is open to anyone who falls within the application requirements above.

*Please note that this is an application process and not an offer of work.

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work visa.